Me You & The SuperBugs (MYSB)

Every year, since 2018 and during World Antibiotic Awareness Week, the MYSB events educate the public about the safe use of antibiotics to promote awareness of antibiotic resistance in Nigeria.

Working with you to ensure better health practices. Everyone can do something about antibiotic resistance.

What do we do?

Me You & The SuperBugs events reach out to the public, to promote understanding of what antibiotic resistance is and what me and you can do to reduce the spread of antibiotic resistant infections in Nigeria. The first public engagement event was held on Saturday October 13th, 2018 in Lagos. Events have held annually since then, growing from 1 event in Lagos to 3 events in Lagos, Ife and Ibadan in 2019.

Since, antibiotics were discovered, over 90 years ago, it has been used to save millions worldwide. Antibiotics can kill or prevent the growth of bacteria that cause different infections.

Sadly due to wrong use in different parts of the world, including Nigeria, we are now at a stage where many antibiotics are not working as they used to, because the bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. The bacteria that develop resistance are sometimes referred to as 'SuperBugs'.

The SuperBugs can be found in people, animals, food and the environment (in water, soil and air). They can spread between people and animals, and from person to person. The World Health Organisation estimates that antibiotic-resistant infections already kill 700,000 people a year globally, this may mean that 10 million people die every year by 2050.

Scientists all over the universe are busy searching for alternative ways to treat bacterial infections.
But, the work will be easier with everyone involved. Everyone can do something to help.

Let's work together to improve the public's knowledge on the safe use antibiotics, hygiene and the dangers of antibiotic resistant infections - Register for 2021 here

Take Action

Promoting safer use of antibiotics

To play a part and help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance, you can 
  1. Attend the Me You and The SuperBugs event in Nigeria.
  2. Click here to become an Antibiotic Guardian and make a pledge to make better use of antibiotics

Me You and The SuperBugs will not be possible without our Sponsors and Partners  - We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors and partners who have contributed in some way since 2018
  • University of Oxford - MYSB research sponsor 2019 - 2020
  • Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford - Travel grant sponsor 2019
  • Victory Drugs Pharmacy Nigeria - Photography and sustenance sponsor 2019
  • Encapsulate Healthcare Solutions - Sustenance and Project management sponsor 2019
  • Inqaba biotec, Ibadan Nigeria - Ibadan school competition sponsor 2019
  • The Brians Premier College, Lagos  Nigeria - venue sponsor 2019 
  • The Royal Society of Biology, UK -  Biology Week Grant 2018
  • Shepherd Specialist Hospital, Lagos Nigeria - Venue sponsor 2018
  • Become a sponsor or partner - please Email Us
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Professional Development AMR Seminar (Free)

Series of seminars to raise knowledge and awareness of antimicrobial resistance for healthcare professionals professional development

  • Date: 27/03/2021 01:00 PM - 27/03/2021 03:30 PM
  • Location: Online Event

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Meet The Team

Dr Orode Aniejurengho


Orode Aniejurengho is the founder of the Me You and The Superbugs public engagement project on antibiotic resistance in Nigeria. She enjoys engaging the public with science in easy to understand ways. She lectures in MSc Infection Prevention and Public Health courses at the University of Essex (Online), UK and is a Senior Scientist at a drug discovery biotech in the UK. Her research interests include infection prevention, public health and drug discovery.

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Elsie Adaobi Chidebe

Senior Team Lead

Elsie has been with the team since 2018, experienced in medical sales and analytical chemistry. She manages our books and overall logistics in Lagos, Nigeria

Adeola Bamisaiye

2019 Ile Ife Team Lead

Adeola led the Me You and The Superbugs 2019 team in Ile-Ife Nigeria. An experienced Antibiotic Guardian, she led the team to reach out to different schools in Ile-Ife giving talks on antibiotic resistance at the school assembly mornings.

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Mrs Ibukunoluwa Ogunleye Oniyinde.

2019 Ibadan Team Leader

Ibukun is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Scientist in Nigeria. She managed the 2018 Ibadan Me You and The Superbugs school competition which was sponsored by Inqaba Biotec Nigeria.

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Saturday 14th Nov

Click here to watch the session LIVE at 4 pm (GMT +1)

Life without antibiotics: the biggest pandemic 

Mr Jide Babayeju (University of Ilorin, Nigeria)

Antibiotics misuse: can antibiotics really work for that    infection? 

Pharm Haishat Olufadi-Ahmed (University of Ilorin, Nigeria)

The Doctor will see you now – Using Antibiotics Correctly 

Dr Udeme Nwabuko (Bethesda Family Clinic, Lagos Nigeria)

Saturday 21st Nov
Click here to watch the session LIVE at 4 pm (GMT +1)

Spread of antibiotics resistance: Everyone has a role to play! 

Dr Chinyere Okoro (University of Surrey, UK)

Healthy diet, Immunity and Prevention of disease 

Mrs Bukola Amujo (Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta Nigeria)

Preventing diseases to reduce risks of AMR 

Mrs Folasade O Lawal (Victory Drugs, Lagos Nigeria)

If you are interested in presenting a session in 2021, do get in touch with the MYSB team here

ME YOU AND THE SUPERBUGS is an exciting opportunity to share your passion about public health and watch it come alive in the eyes of the public.

Our aim is to increase awareness of antibiotic resistance and discover what we can all do to minimise the spread of antibiotic resistance in our nation. Topics over the years have included infection control, bacterial detection, One Health, Antibiotics and Agriculture and many more. Our speakers have included pharmacists, scientists, researchers, postgraduate students, medical doctors and university lecturers.


2018 Pictures and Videos
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2018 Me You and The Superbugs

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We Won An Award!
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The Me You and The Superbugs event won a commendable award at the International Antibiotic Guardian 2019 award ceremony

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2019 Schools Photo Competition - Apply Now
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Submit your application for the Me You Superbugs 2019 Competition

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2019 Sponsors and Supporters
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Sponsors for Me You and The Superbugs 2019

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